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Challenge Error - Set Your Org's External Org-Wide Defaults

Hi there,

I got following error on Set Your Org's External Org-Wide Defaults step.

Step not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Your external org-wide defaults aren't configured correctly. Repeat the steps to make sure they are.

I tried with two new playgrounds.
Is there any other settings except below?

1. From Setup, enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Sharing Settings.
2. Click Enable External Sharing Model.
3. Click Edit in the Organization-Wide Defaults area.
4. For the Opportunity and Account and Contract objects, set the Default Internal Access to Public Read Only and the Default External Access to Private. Click OK if you get any popups or warnings.
5. Click Save.

<Trailhead : Share CRM Data with Your Partners>

Thanks for any idea.
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let me close this. It passed after swaping First and Last Name of Josh Davis (on Contact and User record).

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Akashdeep LNUAkashdeep LNU
Hi Lin,

Launch the new playground for completing this module.

Clear all the cache and cookies of browser before proceding.

I have tried the same and it works.
Before clicking on verify steps to earn 100 points, complete all the requirement that are mentioned in the module. I assume that you have done the first part of the module second part of the module says:

Add Opportunities to the Navigation Menu

In order to see opportunities in the Ursa Major Partner portal, we first have to add the opportunity object to the portal’s navigation menu.

From Setup, enter Communities in the Quick Find box, then select All Communities.
Click Builder next to the Ursa Major portal.
Click anywhere on the Navigation Menu bar and then click the Navigation Menu button.
Click Add Menu Item. Drag the new menu item so that it’s nested under Sales.
Change the following properties:
Name: Opportunities
Type: Salesforce Object
Object Type: Opportunity
Default List View: All Opportunities
Click Save Menu.
Click Publish and then Got it.

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Thank You.
Thanks Akashdeep, I tried as you mention but still stuck on same error.
let me close this. It passed after swaping First and Last Name of Josh Davis (on Contact and User record).
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Dem MenDem Men
how did you solve it? I have the same problem
Hi Dem Men,
I solved it by swaping First and Last Name of Josh Davis (on Contact and User record).
wang renlingwang renling
set the language and timezone of your Trailhead Playground to English
suhasini bhattacharyasuhasini bhattacharya
Put on Debug Logs for your username and  check the assertion that is failing. 
Li LeeLi Lee
Thank you for your help. 
Steve SalisburySteve Salisbury
Hi, I am having this same issue. I have tried all of the above, language is set to English, changing the names does nothing, I have cleared the cache and still nothing. Any ideas please?

There is nothing required to go for a new playground, Swapping the first and last name of user 'Josh Davis' or clearing a cache or changing the OWD of all objects except Opportunities And Account and contracts. Just make sure of two things:
1. Profile and license of 'Josh Davis' should be exactly what it is asked. 
2. While creating a navigation tab for Opportunities in the community, place the tab under Sales and name it as 'Opportunities'. I renamed my tab from 'Opportunity' to 'Opportunities' and it worked. 
宏美 林宏美 林
I passed 'Set Your Org's External Org-Wide Defaults' Challenge.
Set Default Language to 'English' in Company Infomation and User of your playground.
And set Default Locale to 'English(United States)' in Company Infomation and  User of your playground too.

No need Swapping the first and last name of user 'Josh Davis'.

Company Infomation
George Not Found MerchGeorge Not Found Merch
How did you solve the error it? I have the same problem. Please, ( all member tell me about the solution.
稜吾(Ryogo Kanazawa) 金澤稜吾(Ryogo Kanazawa) 金澤
I passed the challenge with swapping  the first and last name of user 'Josh Davis'. 
junzaimon daimonzijunzaimon daimonzi
'Josh Davis'の姓名を逆に登録したら合格しました。
mark wood 49mark wood 49
This really answered my problem, thank you! IPTV Smarters Pro APK (