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Validation rule on 3 custom email address fields

Hi all, we have 3 custom email address fields on contact object. Workemail__C, Personalemail__C, Departmentemail__C. I need help building a validation rule to stop users from entering duplicate email address in any of these custom email address fields.
Thank you
Santosh Bompally 8Santosh Bompally 8
(NOT(ISBLANK(Personalemail__c)) && ((Personalemail__c == Departmentemail__c) || (Personalemail__c == Workemail__c)))||
(NOT(ISBLANK(Departmentemail__c)) && ((Departmentemail__c== Personalemail__c ) || (Departmentemail__c== Workemail__c)))||
(NOT(ISBLANK(Workemail__c)) && ((Personalemail__c == Workemail__c) || (Departmentemail__c== Workemail__c)))