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The 'My Volunteer Shifts Needing Approval' component does not have the correct columns assigned. Of the two 'Volunteer Shift Worker ID' fields, include the one with the format Shift-#### so users can click through to the volunteer record

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Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
May I request you please post the screenshots of what you have done so far so that we can look into it and can help you accordingly.

Please check below post for same issue
1) https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=9060G0000005XZFQA2
2) https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=9060G0000005afzQAA

Let us know if this will help you
Jonathan A FoxJonathan A Fox
I had this error, make sure you have the exact same fields required (i had accidently clicked end time rather than start). Also, run the report.. it does make a difference. Finally, make sure you remove the Vol Org field from the dashboard componenet. Then continue with the rest of the reports/dashboards as sometimes it isn't actually an error.
Caleb ZautnerCaleb Zautner
Also had this error. For me, I forgot to add "Volunteer Job". I spent way too much time removing and adding the "Shift Worker ID" field before realizing this error message was inaccurate.
Swetha SaduSwetha Sadu
I had the same error. I've removed the 'Full Name' field from the report which is not required according to the requirements. Double-check you will include the exact same fields mentioned in the instructions and remove unnecessary fields.

It worked for me!
Sunil GedalaSunil Gedala
@caleb Thank you .You saved me! .Just wasted an hour cuz of this wrong error message .But it made me realize that trailhead errors could be misleading ,so gotta check everything.
Abhishek razyAbhishek razy
Getting the Same issue

Shikha Jain 58Shikha Jain 58
I am also facing the same issue -I am sure i have the right columns in the right order and still facing this.Can someone please help