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Travis DvorakTravis Dvorak 

Proper case formula

I found a formula referenced on an old post which updates a value to proper case.  My issue is that I'm utilizing this for the State field and if someone enters, NE, I don't want it changed to "Ne".  Is there any way to update this formula to only apply for values greater than 2?

IF (
  FIND(" ", [Lead].State ,1)=0,
  UPPER(LEFT([Lead].State ,1))&LOWER(MID([Lead].State,2,LEN([Lead].State)-1)),
    FIND(" ",MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,LEN([Lead].State)-FIND(" ",[Lead].State,1)))=0,
    UPPER(LEFT([Lead].State ,1))&LOWER(MID([Lead].State ,2,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)-1))&UPPER(MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,1))&LOWER(MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+2,LEN([Lead].State)-1)),
    UPPER(LEFT([Lead].State ,1))&LOWER(MID([Lead].State ,2,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)-1))&UPPER(MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,1))&LOWER(MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+2,FIND(" ",MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,LEN([Lead].State )-FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)))-1))&
    UPPER(MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,LEN([Lead].State)-FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)))+FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,1))&LOWER(MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",MID([Lead].State ,FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+1,LEN([Lead].State )-FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)))+FIND(" ",[Lead].State ,1)+2,LEN([Lead].State)-1))