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Spread Account record ownership

What are peoples thoughts on spreading record ownership in the database?

For example, if you have 5 million Account records, many of which have been uploaded from an extenal system Salesforce suggests the records are not all owned by one User as it can cause data skew, which in turn can cause cause issues with future processing.

Do you spread ownership of the Account records with some selected Users within the business, preferably Users high up in the role hierarchy so it's easier to share the records.

Do you spread ownership of the records between selected System Admin users? This was business users will not automatically gain access to any Account records, only via sharing rules?

What if you have an ETL that is uploading new Account records regularly, these will be created using the owner of the process, do you put something in place to spread ownership of all records created vai the ETL?

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
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If you do have a compelling reason for assigning ownership to a small number of users, you can minimize possible performance impacts by not assigning the user(s) to a role.
If the user(s) must have a role to share data, we recommend that you:
  • Place them in a separate role at the top of the hierarchy
  • Not move them out of that top-level role
  • Keep them out of public groups that could be used as the source for sharing rules