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Lokesh Krishna SagiLokesh Krishna Sagi 

Web-To-Lead form with reCaptcha is not generating leads

Hi All,

I have created 2 web-to-lead forms with 2 different site keys for hosting in different domains. The form(with reCaptcha)  hosted in domain 1 is generating the lead in salesforce after submitting the form. 

But, the form hosted in domain 2 is not generating any lead in salesforce even after properly validating all data. If I remove the reCaptcha part from the form and submit, its generating a lead in salesforce. But, with reCaptcha functionality included in the form, its not generating any lead in salesforce. I am not getting any error while submitting the form and I also enabled debug and it seems ok with all the correct inputs that I gave. 

Please Help!!!

John GomezJohn Gomez
Did you find any solution? I have the same problem.
simply buzzes 9simply buzzes 9
Hi John Gomez, I have find a solution could you please have a look here (https://voyance-telephone-gaia.com) and there is the detailed solution of your all queries. 
siwij remarsiwij remar
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