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Krish NKrish N 

Help needed in parsing email with whitespaces to create cases through Email services

I'm having trouble processing incoming email to create cases. We have a same template format of incoming emails. I'm using substring to parse the data and create a case record. However, I'm unable to parse the data. I had no trouble creating cases for other template (other vendor) by using substrings. But for that, incoming email template looks like this (this is only certain section of the email):
Location: TEST #23880 @ SAMPLE#990
Street Address: 1111 Street, Test city, MI 48211
Point of Contact: Manager
For ex: To grab location from the email, I use:
String locationFinal = email.plainTextBody.substringBetween('Location: ', 'Street Address: '); // working fine 
For the above template email, I can easily parse using the substrings. How do I parse for the below email template. I think the reason is because of the white space between the location and it's value 'TEST #23880 @ SAMPLE#990'. When I test it by getting rid of the white space it's creating cases. I tried using trim() and deletewhitespace() but nothing works. I'm getting null in the debug log. How do I make it work out with the presence of whitespaces?
                     Service Call Notification                                                
                      Test Facility Services

Assignment Information:
Call/Action                #10935174 / 1 (Include this # on Invoice)                                                              
Call/Action Type/Status    Repair Service/SITE VISIT FIELD REPAIR/Received
Service Center             021 - Central 1
Attention                  TEST SAMPLE
Location                   TEST#23880 @ SAMPLE#990          
Street Address             1111 Test Lane; Ft. Wayne, IN 46110
Point of Contact           Manager
Billing Address            Test Street, Test city, IN 46500
Billing Phone              317-222-1111

Service Call Details:
Severity                   HIGH
Service                    Product Repair
Product                    PREP EQUIPMENT 
Symptom                    Some problem
Notes                      Test machine is not working, requires attention.

Krish NKrish N
Any help guys?