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How to Filter Process Builder for 2 Weeks Before a Due Date


I currently have a process builder send out an email alert before a task is due. How may I set the condition for the criteria to filter out the email alert to only send it out if the last modified date is greater than or equal to 2 weeks before the due date? Do I use a formula? If so, which formula may I use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
[Task].LastModifiedDate + 14

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Gobinath AGobinath A

Hi Anon,

You will need a scheduled action to do this,process builder will only trigger actions when you edit the record.

Just create the Payment_due_date__c formula field and make to show the modified date and use the below formula in process builder. 


You will also see the Advanced section under the criteria Action Page

Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record? and check this section to True

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Click on Set schedule and select the schedule as 14 Days before Payment due Date
Save the Schedule and Create an Email Alert schedule Action.

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