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Adan Santos 7Adan Santos 7 

Picklist erro while using lightning:recordEditForm with Order object

Hey guys!

Since Winter '19 start running on my org I've been facing a weird error.
If I try to get picklist values standard or custom ones from Order object using recordEditForm as shown on code below:
<lightning:recordEditForm objectApiName="Order" >
        <lightning:inputField aura:id="status"

I'm getting a generic error with some random id, while debugging with Lightning Inspector I can see an aura://RecordUiController/ACTIONS&getPicklistValuesByRecordType action under the section RUNNING 

User-added image
It doesn't abort neither finish running. It just seems like it's stuck in a infinite loop.

Any clues?
Ryan GreeneRyan Greene
The only thing I see that's different than the way I set it up is I included recordId="{!v.recordId}" in the record Edit Form. Also, if you have more than one record type within Order, you may need to define it in the record Edit Form
Daniel Loriaux 18Daniel Loriaux 18
I have the exact same problem, even the Lightning Inspector is identical. It stays on RUNNING. The strange thing is, on my org, the field Account.Industry doesn't work. But on another org it does work just fine. I just tested Order.Status on the different orgs for you as well and both failed as well. What i tried is:

- Allow access within Field Level Security
- Add picklist values to all recordtypes
- Add recordTypeId to the form, with and without
- Check default recordtype if it was set propery. Use that record type in the RecordTypeId parameter
- Add the picklist to all page layouts, for all profiles
- Use api version 41 (but shows nothing, probably was introduced at v42)
- Use api version 42
- Use api version 43
- Use api version 44

Nothing seems to work.

I logged a case within Salesforce but without dev support i was redirected to the forums here, but i don't think this is a dev issue but a internal RecordEditForm issue.. This is the only post i could find about this. I hope someone comes with a solution as i'm out of options.
Nil LakavivatNil Lakavivat
We ran into the same bug. Had to fetch the values via the controller and use a lightning select instead :/ 
Would be nice if the bug was fixed though :)