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Abhinav Ankit 21Abhinav Ankit 21 

While Doing trailhead :- Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist

User-added image

Below is my screenshot of the report 
User-added image

This is how my report looks like 
User-added image
Can Anyone help in resolving this ? 
Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Hi Abhinav,

Here are all(start to end) steps of doing this trailhead challenge:-

=>Set Up a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge. It will help you reduce a lot of configuration issues.
=>Don’t forget to add a Value (SolarBot) into Opportunity type (Picklist Value). It is the one of the key filter value in Reports.
=>Make sure all Public Groups created properly (better to copy/paste the names from the superbadge details to avoid silly mistakes).
=>The most important thing is some of the terminologies used not match the name as it appears in the UI (For Example, Solution=Report Type, Categories=Bucket Field and etc).

Step 1:

=>SolarBot report folders use the naming convention SolarBot [team/group] Reports.([team/group replaced by Executive, Sales, Support, R&D]
=>Report Location and Report Type are very Important. Tip: Collect all SolarBot information, whether or not they have related SolarBot Status records
=>Pay attention when Moving reports from existing folder to New Folders

Get some practice for Editing Report type page layout to remove particular fields Tip: Create a dummy report type page layout and move unwanted field into that, Finally delete the page layout

Step 2:

=>Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities: Create a Cross Filter as below
    -Account without Opportunity
    -Opportunity type = Solarbot
=>SolarBot High-Case Candidates: Use Summary field(Number of SolarBots on Account Object) which already created for you(Number of SolarBots=0)
=>SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet: Pick only Warranty Expired Accounts(Under Warranty?=False)

Step 3:

=>Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership
    -Report Type is Case(Standard)
    -Row Summary field is: SOLARBOT OWNERSHIP
     Column Summary Field is: CASE REASON
    -SolarBot Status Averages
        --Report Type is SolarBot and Status Date(Custom which you have created)

Step 4:

=>Temperature to kWh Research
    -Make sure the Bucket field value ranges are correct
    -Group by Temperature Range (Bucket field)
    -Remove Details, Subtotal, Grand Total

Step 5:

=>SolarBot Loyalty Revenue: The formula is very Important
     -Tip: IF the Sum of Number_of_SolarBots__c < 1 the Adjusted Expected Revenue is Just Sum of Expected Amount only otherwise The Adjusted Expected Revenue is Expected Amount + Expected Amount *10%
     -The main conditions is the opportunity having Solarbot or not
      Chart is: Vertical Bar type

Step 6:

=>Sales Report Modifications
    -Add Billing state field and group it
    -Use Relative Date Filter for “Next 45 days”
=>Support Report Modifications
    -Add Phone field and pick the chart type as Horizontal Stack bar (tick the 100%) for the first report
    -Change data by week instead of by day and Pick the Chart as Line type for the second report
=>R&D Report Modifications
     -Compare average kWh and average panel temperature by SolarBot model on another axis
     -Place categories on the X-axis, with count on the Y axis
     -Pick the Chart as Vertical bar type

Step 7:

=>SolarBot Pipeline by Stage
    -Report: SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
    -Component Type: Vertical Bar
    -Tip: Max Groups Displayed = 9
=>Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership
    -Report: Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership
    -Component Type: Vertical Sack Bar
    -Tip: Stack to 100%
=>Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship
    -Report: Temperature to kWh Research
    -Component Type: Line Type
    -Tip: X Axis=Temperature Range and SolarBot Model; Y Axis=Average KiloWatt Hours
=>SolarBot Evangelism Countdown
    -Report: Accounts without SolarBot Opportunities
    -Component Type: Gauge Type
    -Tip: Careful the Segment Range Setting
=>Opportunity Overview
    -Report: SolarBot Loyalty Revenue
    -Component Type: Lightning Table
    -Tip: Set Prospecting first on the list stage opportunities

Step 8:

=>Color Scheme
    -Set the Dashboard Theme as Dark Except Opportunity Overview component
    -Pick “Sunrise” as Dashboard Palette
=>Marquis Accounts
    -Create a Dashboard Filter and name it as Marquis Accounts
    -Add 2 mentioned Account
    -Pick account name in 1st and 5th component in instead of primary partner
=>SolarBot App Page: Add this dashboard into SolarBot App Page
=>Schedule the Report: Schedule this report to you for every Tuesday 9 a.m

User-added image

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Thanks and Regards,
Deepali Kulshrestha
I am getting error in Challenge No 6 Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist Superbage 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can’t find the updated organization by state for the 'Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities' report.
please help me