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Manoj Goswami 5Manoj Goswami 5 

How to convert total minutes into Days Hours and Minutes using formula editor

I have total minutes calculated (total_minutes__c),
How to convert these minutes in Days, Hours and Minutes.
I want something like this :
Input: total_minutes__c = 12495
Output = 8 Days 16 Hours 15 Minutes 

Thanks in advance.
Jothi SaminathanJothi Saminathan
Hi Manoj,
 Please try this below formula:

 TEXT(FLOOR( Total_minutes__c / 1440)) &'Days'& TEXT( FLOOR( MOD(Total_minutes__c,1440 )  / 60)) &'hr'& 
TEXT(FLOOR(MOD( MOD(Total_minutes__c,1440),60)))&'min'     

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