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Matt GoldsteinMatt Goldstein 

Send Content Builder email via SOAP API through User Initiated Sends

Hi All,

I was just told by a Salesforce rep that this is possible, desipite all documentation saying that it is not.  Our current code creates the email in Content Builder and returns the ID to be used in a SOAP call that creates an Email Send Definition.

I get an error from this because from my understanding, SOAP cannot communicate with Content Builder.  The exact same request works when I generate the email in Classic Content and return the email ID from there.

Is there a workaround for sending Content Builder emails via the SOAP api?
Rahul Chaudhary OfficialRahul Chaudhary Official
Hi Matt,

Yes it is possible to send email via SOAP API please refer to the documentation https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.noversion.mc-apis.meta/mc-apis/working_with_soap_web_service_api.htm