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Akshay More 11Akshay More 11 

Binding inputText inside wrapper class


I'm trying to bind inputText from visualfroce page to my wrapper class. I have multiple products selected by one wrapper, and on second vf i want to take some inputText .After that i want to bind those inputText with selected products. and then on button click Im generating pdf for the same. But the can not able to bind the input string properly. 

can anyone can share some sample logic for this? 
Rahul Chaudhary OfficialRahul Chaudhary Official
There can be better way for sure and i havent tried it but just on top of my head ... you can try something like this .. 
String inputFromVF;

Wrapper instance = new Wrapper();

public String getInputFromVF() {
 return instance.MAPPED_FIELD;
public void setInputFromVF(String ip) {
     instance.MAPPED_FIELD = ip; //bypassed

class Wrapper {
     String MAPPED_FIELD {get;set;}