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Doubt - dashboard, report types, field accessibility, *dashboard filter*


On my dashboard :
All the reports on dashboard are coming from only two Objects: Leads and Opportunity;
Presently it has a filter by date on the daashbaord (Q1 : How can i change it to some other field ? )

- Custom_field_X
- Custom_field_X

-Values possible for "Custom_field_X" are "abc" or "pqr"

- Field os of type text 
Q2) I am not able to see the field on the dashboard filter ?
I checked this link :
but my field visibilitty is OK.

Q3) How can i detect if and the report is of custome repoort typeand my field is added to the report page layout ?

Q4) What is the difference between "set field level securiy" and "view field accesibility" for the field? 
my field is visible in "field level seting" but its hidden in "field accesibility" does it make the diffrence ?

Thank you for suggestion !
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Rahul Chaudhary OfficialRahul Chaudhary Official
1. https://resources.docs.salesforce.com/202/latest/en-us/sfdc/pdf/salesforce_dashboard_filters_cheatsheet.pdf
2. Try to check the report type of the report thats pulling the data on dashboard. It is possible this field is not enable in report type hence not available yet for report & dashboard
3. If you go to that report and try click customize
4. Field Level Security is for access of page for profile. Field Accessibility is also kind of the same but with other you can not only do that but more from a single point. i.e. make a field required. make a field available to a layout for certain profile. User-added image