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Brock SBrock S 

Becoming Salesforce - topics missing?

I'm working on the "Becoming Salesforce" modules in Trailhead; something I've noticed is that it seems I can only see the first topic for a few of the modules; for example: in the "Get to know Salesforce.org" module, I see the "Giving Back at Salesforce" topic with the video with Ebony, but topics after and including "Salesforce.org and Our Philanthropic Model" aren't showing up. If I click on the missing topics in the right-hand topic navigation links, nothing happens. The quiz directly follows the "Giving Back at Salesforce", and the last question in the quiz references content that I can't find anywhere. This is what ultimately led me to discover that topics were missing.
Here's an exhaustive list of the modules that I see this issue with (i.e. topics after the first topic don't show up in the main page):
  1. "Get Started Becoming Salesforce"
  2. "Learn About Our Ohana Culture"
  3. "Get to know Salesforce.org"
Gordon EngelGordon Engel
These are Salesforce internal trails.  It looks like the iframe for the video is also enclosing the subsequent text.  You can see the raw content with developer tools.  

Someone filed a Bug for this today:  W-4074610
Oliver WeikopfOliver Weikopf
I have the same issue. I've also inspected the relevant portions of the page, but see nothing in the iframe that resembles the expected content.