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Viktor IlyuhinViktor Ilyuhin 

How make select data from order object


I need to get order data through WSDL AIP. When I call query "Select id from order", I receive 

select id from Order  order by Id desc 
ERROR at Row:1:Column:15
line 1:15 no viable alternative at character '"'

I understand Order's object is conflicting with sentence "order by". 

How get data order ?
Purushotham YellankiPurushotham Yellanki
Hi Viktor,

I don't see any issue with your Query. I tried running it on my Developer Cosole and I do see that it is working. There must be some typo in your Query.

Query that I used: "Select Id, AccountId, ContractId, CreatedDate From Order Order By Id Desc"

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Viktor IlyuhinViktor Ilyuhin
Hi Purushotham,
A lot of thanks for your answer. It is working now