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sreekanth reddysreekanth reddy 

Record Type IN Apex Trigger

Hi All,

How to Exclude one opportunity record type in below trigger.

trigger Receiptt on Invoice__c(before insert) {
    ReceiptRestiction__c ua = ReceiptRestiction__c.getInstance (userinfo.getUserId());
    if (ua.Active__c) {
        set<id> Opportunity = new set<id>();
        Profile adminId = [SELECT Id from Profile where Name='Accounts' LIMIT 1];
        if((trigger.isBefore && trigger.isInsert) && UserInfo.getProfileId() != adminId.Id){
            for(Invoice__c cb:System.Trigger.new){
                List<Invoice__c> lstBatAlt =[select id,Opportunity1__c,Name from Invoice__c
                                             where Opportunity1__c IN:Opportunity ];
                    cb.addError('You cannot create more than two receipts for opportunity');

Ahmad J. KoubeissyAhmad J. Koubeissy
you are doing a SOQL query inside a for loop. you should not do that, ever.

Please try this code
trigger Receiptt on Invoice__c(before insert) {
    ReceiptRestiction__c ua = ReceiptRestiction__c.getInstance (userinfo.getUserId());
    if (ua.Active__c) {
        set<id> Opportunity = new set<id>();
        Profile adminId = [SELECT Id from Profile where Name='Accounts' LIMIT 1];
        if((trigger.isBefore && trigger.isInsert) && UserInfo.getProfileId() != adminId.Id){
            for(Invoice__c cb: Trigger.new){
			List<Invoice__c> lstBatAlt =[select id,Opportunity1__c,Name 
			                             from Invoice__c
										 where Opportunity1__c IN:Opportunity and Opportunity1__r.recordType.developerName != 'Recordtypename' ];
				cb.addError('You cannot create more than two receipts for opportunity');

You hsould consider that this code wont work properly if you are updating two or more opportunities at the same time (using dataloader for exemple).

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