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Edlira EltariEdlira Eltari 


Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The "Open Activities" related list does not appear to the first one on the Account record details page. Make sure that you are not using Record Types with Accounts as this prevents us from checking the layouts.

please can anyone help me how may i solve it ?

Do you have record types setup on Account's. If so then please remove them from accounts and try this challenge.

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Goto Accounts->Editlayout->Relatedlist:
 Goto Openactivities in down  just scroll on Open activities on Related contact or Contact then save.So try this challenge.
Todd CurranTodd Curran
I'm experiencing the same issue. None of this advice is in the view I have. The message will not go away, the challenge will not complete, and the notice offers no guidance on how to remedy this issue.
pavan challa 3pavan challa 3
Hi ,
Please switch to salesforce classic and complete the challenge.

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On Saleforce Classic follow below steps.
1) Click on Setup
2) In Quick Find, write 'Record Types'
3) You will see a list of Record Types under many Page, Click on the one below Account.
4) Click Edit on 'Customer Account' record type.
5) Deactivate it.
6) if you are getting an Error like 'This record type Customer Account cannot be deactivated because the following profiles use this record type as default.' Then click on each profile and remove this record type from there.
7) Once done, de-activate your Customer Account Record type and then follow below steps.
Click your name.
Select My Settings.
Click Display & Layout.
Click On Customize My Pages
Select Accounts from drop down and then click on Customize Page Button.
Move Up the Open Activity on Top and Save the record.

Thats It, Test your Challenge Result, you will 100% Pass.

Ashish Tripathi 78Ashish Tripathi 78
Indeed a best answer Noor Elaborative & accurate