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Revenue tracking for Projected vs Actuals

Hello, My customer wants to track projected revenue and actual revenue for a given period of time and the amount by month.
They need the ability to enter the date range for projected and the amount for that period. The same for actuals.
For example- If the date range for projected is 12 months and the amount (could be opportunity amount) projected is $12,000. They want to split this amount for each month equally (to start with) and have the ability to update it. The same with actuals (after the contract is signed and amount can be the Contract amount).

The idea is to compare projected vs actuals by month. See attached picture for an idea on how the report should like...User-added imageUser-added image

Options looked at---
1) Custom object with the date range fields and amount seperately for projected vs actual.---> downside of this is customer doesnt want to fill the data for every month. We dont want to give the user an option to enter the date range and amount and system automatically create the records. This may soon get into several customizations and my team cannot support this at the moment.

2) Opportunity and Product Revenue Schedules- Out of the box feature----> we dont use products at the moment for this customer. Even if we convince the customer with the Opportunity and Product best practices; The schedules option on the product only have an option to track either projected or actuals. Was thinking of tracking projected on Opportunity and actuals on Contract but there is no feature avalaible on Contracts to track actual amount for each month. PS-We are using a custom object for Contracts.

3) I have started looking into Einstein analytics. Hopefully I can find something here...

Does anyone have thoughst or ideas on how to accomplish this? Any app exchange tools that can do this are suggestable.
I think we are moving in right direction with one of my team members building an excel template which is super easy to pull few columns from Salesforce and all the calculation is done automatically. Looking into pull this csv into Einstein analytics and see if we can visually represent this data in a better trendy way. I will keep posted :)
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Hi, I am curious how you resolved this need.  I have been asked by business leadership to come up with a "quick fix" to track the projected revenue vs. actual revenue. We also do not use products or forecasting. On the opportunity we currently have 3 fields for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 projected revenue since it typically takes 3 years for a customer to ramp up and purchase the total opportunity amount.  The business wants to log the monthly actuals and then be able to compare that to the Year1 - Year3 expected revenue.  They also want to be able to see such on a dashboard. I am struggling with how I can provide this and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
So this is what we went with for a quick and keep existing configuration in mind even though it may not be the ideal way to do this. We already had Revenue Schedules custom object which has projected/actual revenue start and end dates and the amount fields. Users create one record per year. They are free to create by month but it is too much work for them so they preferred doing this by year. Then this is exported to excel where we built formulas that does the calculation by month and has columns for each month so they can compare expected vs actual every month. For visualization purpose they imported this sheet into Einstein analytics. I know there is scope for improvements here- W/o exported and importing data into EA, we can actually query from the Salesforce objects but when we implemented this we didn’t have any EA expert. We also looked at excel connector but it had known issues. We are looking to automate this and fully utilize EA. Thanks, Mounika Dammannagari Sr. Salesforce.com Developer mounika.dammannagari@mckesson.com O: 281.863.6459 C: 281.323.2907