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Douglas MolinaDouglas Molina 



I'm beginner as Salesforce developer/admin, so this may be a easy question to solve.

My Org has the "WorkOrderLineItens" related list, inserted inside the "WorkOrder" layout.

When I'm going to insert a new Item in the WorkOrder, when I chose the Product (PriceBookEntry), I just see 3 columns about to the Product, in the pop-up search layout: "Product Name", "Price List" and "Product Code".

My problem is, I need to see other key fields (standard and custom) at this search pop-up layout, but I'm not knowing how to place they there.
I already tried to change Search Layouts of "Products", "Assets", "PriceBookEntry" and others, but none of them change anything in this specific search layout.

Can anyone give-me a hint, or even tell me if it is really possible to do?

Thanks, and sorry for my very poor english.
Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Douglas,

Try to change the Lookup dialogs not the search layout.

Setup->Product->search Layouts->LookUp Dialogs.

Can you please Let me know if it works or not!!!

If it helps don't forget to mark this as a best answer!!!

Douglas MolinaDouglas Molina
Hi, Maharajan C!
Thanks for your reply!

I tried to do this, but, Product seems does not affect anything to this Lookup Dialog, since this field is searching in the PriceBookEntry object.
The strange thing is, the PriceBookEntry does not even have the "Lookup Dialogs" layout. I noticed it in 3 different orgs.

I tried to make some kinds of URL hacks to try open this Lookup Dialogs edit page, replacing the "LayoutType" variable value with "Lookup", like the other objects patterns, with no succes.

I also tried edit the object metadata with Eclipse Force.com, in a sandbox environment.. sometimes it does not save to the server after the changes.. sometimes the PriceBookEntry object just does not apear at Eclipse object list, even adding it at the project in beginning.

Some screen shots, for better understanding

This is how "Work Order" (as other many objects) behave with its search layouts:
User-added image

And the "Price Book Entry" Object with its search layouts:
User-added image

And finaly the Product search layouts, that does not affect the above search :
User-added image

I already checked all object and field permissions, for all users, and everything seens to be ok.

Some other sugestion about this?

Thanks again.