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Saad Ahmad 27Saad Ahmad 27 

Case Management For Internal Salesforce users

I’ve been struggling for a while trying to find the best solution for managing cases internally within the org. Would love to get other Salesforce experts ideas/suggestions.

Requirement: To have multiple departments within the company use Salesforce cases to track their projects/tickets.

We currently use email2case to forward emails to Salesforce and have cases created along with an acknowledgement email sent to the contact. As the case progresses or if further information is needed from the customer, the users use an email button shortcut to reach out the to customer from within the case. This solution works very well when customers are working one-on-one with different departments.
The issue arises when one department 1 (D1) requires additional information or support from department 2 (D2). When D1 emails D2’s email from within the case, D2’s email account then forwards this case to Salesforce. But since there is a reference ID attached to this email, instead of D2 getting a new case notification, the email just ends up back in D1’s original case.

There are different options I’m looking into to mitigate this issue:
  1. D1 creates a child case and assigns it to D2. D2 then manages this child case until completion. My only concern is how communication would work between D1 and D2. We want to minimize chatter use as this isn’t reportable.
  2. D1 switches the case owner to D2. D2 now completes anything required, once complete; D2 switches the case back to D1.
  3. D1 uses web2case to create a new case if they need any assistance from D2 with regards to the original case.
I’m fairly new to Service cloud and would love to get some advise from others who might have dealt with a similar situation.
Thank you all!