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vignesh balasubramanian 14vignesh balasubramanian 14 

Rest API(End Point URL) to find hotels using geo location

Hi Everyone,

I need Rest API (End Point URL) to find hotels using geo-location.Could anyone provide this..

Thanks in advance,
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vignesh,

May I suggest you please refer Trailhead Project on Geo Location. Please mark it as best answer if the information is informative.

Best Regards
Rahul Kumar

Hi Vignesh
open cage geocoder is a rest API with help of this API you can find the location of hotel's 


User-added image

In above image, you see _type : "City" when you are searching for hotel that value will be hotel 
I already was done integration with this API in a visualforce page if you need more help Let me know 

if this would be helpful don't forget to mark as best answer 

Thank you 
Avaneesh Singh
Anshuman Dixit 5Anshuman Dixit 5
Hi Avaneesh,

I am also working on one of the similar requirements, mine is for lightning and i am trying to acchieve that using <ltng:require>  tag as i am storing the google map API to static resource, i am able to initialized the map in the component however post passing the city details markups corresponding to the selected city`s hotel are not visible on the map.

could please share your thoughts on this or else if you have any other way to implement this let me know.