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Lindsey PalmquistLindsey Palmquist 

how do i create a text box drop down from a pick list

I would like to create a text box from a picklist.  The picklist has several values, and the last option being, "other".  If the user selects 'other' I need there to be a drop down text field for them to enter data.  The drop down text field only needs to be on the 'other' value.  Thanks! 
For this you need to create a new field named "Please_Explain__c" on page layout and then create a validation rule like below:
 ISPICKVAL(Your_PickList_Field__c, "Other") ,
Error Message is something like: You have to provide value in Please Explain field if you chooing picklist value as Other.

Disadvantage: You will have that Please_Explain__c field on page layout even when you not need it.
Advantage: If you want to have this Please_Explain__c field only on page layout when there is "Other" selected as pick-list value then you need to create a visulforce page for it and then override with standard page. This would involve some coding and you are saving yourself from it by taking above approach :)

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