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Lindsey PalmquistLindsey Palmquist 

Error:Formula result is Data Type (location), incompatible with expected data text (text)

I am trying to create a new field for address in the Opportunity section.  I'd like the address to auto populate from the Account section.  I'm having trouble getting them to link.  I did the following: User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Its location data type which is not compatible with text try like this 

Ahmad J. KoubeissyAhmad J. Koubeissy
Use this in your formula :
Account.PersonContact.MailingStreet &BR()&
Account.PersonContact.MailingCity & ", " &
Account.PersonContact.MailingState & " " &
Account.PersonContact.MailingPostalCode & BR() &

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Lindsey PalmquistLindsey Palmquist
Thanks Ahmad,
I am getting the current error when using this code: 

User-added image