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Bernd BretzelmannBernd Bretzelmann 

How do I know who really created a record when the Sys-Admin logs in as a different user?

When the System Administrator logs in as a different user and creates a record the activity history shows that the logged in user created the record, not the admin. How is it possible to know who really created the record?
Hi Bernd,

EventLogFile object is an api only available object and is available 24 hours after an event occurs. Salesforce curently supports the following event types. See list https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.api.meta/api/sforce_api_objects_eventlogfile.htm . The EventLogFile is generated as a csv file and you would have to process the file do get the information.
Bernd BretzelmannBernd Bretzelmann
Hey Natsu,
Thank you that is what I was looking for. I tried to query the EventLogFile-object with the workbench, however I found this site here very usefull (https://salesforce-elf.herokuapp.com). You can easily login with your salesforce account and download the csv-files without decoding everything from the BASE-64 format. I downloaded the "LoginAs" csv-file and found my task that I've created as a logged in user, so it was pretty easy to determine who really created the record.