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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

sandbox to production active workflow


I'm doing a change set from Sandbox to production of an active workflow in Production. 

This workflow has pending actions. When I deploy the change set it fails because of the active actions. I do not want to deactivate the workflow because I do need those pending actions to trigger as the changes to the workflow are not with the pending actions but with templates and one of the criteria. If I were making the changes in the production env then I would not deactivate the workflow. But if I'm using change sets it seems like I need to deactivate or remove the pending actions. 

Is there a work around that? Or is it acceptable to make the changes in production so as not to affect the pending actions? 
Hi Karla,

If you deploy it via change sets, it will be deployed as inactive.
From my point of view there are two possible ways:

1. Do the workflow as a new one in sandbox, migrate it, activate it and change the conditions of the old workflow so it won't be triggered again.
2. Do the change in production.

Good luck