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Holly ThorntonHolly Thornton 

downloading data that is combined Mr. & Mrs.

Capital One has loaned us their Salesforce team to help our Non-Profit move our 2000+ contacts from Gift Works to Salesforce. The question they have is if GW contacts are listed as Mr. & Mrs. Smith (not John Smith and Sally Smith) How do they load that to Salesforce? Do they go straight to household? What is the work around?  
Mohit Sharma 37Mohit Sharma 37
Hi Holly,

If you have only two persons with last name Smith then you can filter data accroding to Mr. or Mrs. Smith 
You have 3 options:
1) To modify your data in your excel sheet or in any sheet.

2) To create 2 workflow rules.
First for Mr. and second for Mrs.

3) To create a tirgger in salesforce org, the conditions are below:
//This is trigger code

for(Contact eachCon : Trigger.New)
  if(eachCon.SurName == 'Mr.' && eachCon.LastName == 'Smith')
     eachCon.FirstName = 'John';
  else if(eachCon.SurName == 'Mrs.' && eachCon.LastName == 'Smith')
     eachCon.FirstName = 'Sally';

If you need any help comment below..

If it works, please mark as best answer. :)

Have a nice day!!
Holly ThorntonHolly Thornton
My Capital One contact asked me to ask the question this way.... Our Non-profit is trying to import contacts and donations from a previous system. Where the import is for a single person (individual) it is a Contact and SF will automatically generate a Household account. No Problem. We assume that donations made by any contact would roll-up to the household level. What about joint donations from say a couple. Like Mr and Mrs. Bill and Jean Smith? Should we import them as a household account which does not have any contacts related to it? Can we record donations at either the contact level or at the household level? Will the rollup still work if contacts make donations and also the combined household make a donation?
Mohit Sharma 37Mohit Sharma 37
I think it depends on your business requirements, but if you will fetch the combine contact in SF you need to create an Account for that and create a contact with similar information because an Account can persist for whole life but Contact my change. If I will rollup then I would like to rollup with household and Contact both, it will solve all the problems.