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anil Kumaranil Kumar 

Visualforce page for each Record Type

Hi All,

I have 2 record types in opportunity object, LSS and LDD if user selects LDD i need to navigate to custom visualforce page. How accomplish this.

Anil Kumar  
Maheshkumar Selvaraj 10Maheshkumar Selvaraj 10
Hi Anil

The below solution is little complex which I earlier implemented. If you come to know any other solution, do let me know.

                   Override the standard 'New' button with the custom recordtype selection page and based on the selection, write the code to navigate to either custom/standard record page.
pradeep kumar yadavpradeep kumar yadav
Override the New button to take to a VF page, controller checks for record type via page action method and if should go to standard, redirects using the nooverride=1 parameter, otherwise stay on the vf page.