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Christian Keller 1Christian Keller 1 

Einstein Intent

I have problems with creating an own intent model. 
  1. I created a Dataset From a File Asynchronously and uploaded it via cURL. 
  2. I triggered the training with the corresponding cURL command. 
  3. When I query the status I get back this: java.lang.RuntimeException: PythonTrainer process failed to complete
JSON (some ids shortened)
    "datasetId": 1007xxx,
    "datasetVersionId": 4315,
    "name": "xxx Intent Model",
    "status": "FAILED",
    "progress": 0.01,
    "progress": 0.01,
    "createdAt": "2017-07-21T06:26:10.000+0000",
    "updatedAt": "2017-07-21T06:26:18.000+0000",
    "failureMsg": "java.lang.RuntimeException: PythonTrainer process failed to complete",
    "learningRate": 0.0,
    "epochs": 300,
    "object": "training",
    "modelId": "EPKBQ5CEHXE4ZD4T2XCS3Mxxxx",
    "trainParams": null,
    "trainStats": {
        "labels": 14,
        "examples": 26,
        "totalTime": null,
        "transforms": null,
        "trainingTime": null,
        "earlyStopping": true,
        "lastEpochDone": 0,
        "modelSaveTime": null,
        "testSplitSize": 5,
        "trainSplitSize": 21,
        "datasetLoadTime": "00:00:02:347",
        "preProcessStats": null,
        "postProcessStats": null
    "modelType": "text-intent"

What is wrong?
Shivankur NaikwadeShivankur Naikwade
Just for a look back,check whether copied code when pasted in text editor does not give curly brackets " instead of a straight " when replacing the <TOKEN> and datasetId.This minor issue can kill the process.

And for the next steps-- getting the model status or testing the model, make sure you put in the MODEL ID, not the datasetId.

Hope it works for you.