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Chris WidmayerChris Widmayer 

Cat Rescue null argument for JSONGenerator.writeStringField()

During the Cat Rescue module when verifying the Install Einstein Vision Apex Wrappers I am getting the following error:  There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.NullPointerException: null argument for JSONGenerator.writeStringField()
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Donald Rivard 17Donald Rivard 17
Did you create the custom setting and set the Einstein EMail field to your email that you used to register with Einstein?

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Donald Rivard 17Donald Rivard 17
Did you create the custom setting and set the Einstein EMail field to your email that you used to register with Einstein?
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Chris WidmayerChris Widmayer
That was it, I was actually setting it in the wrong place.  Appreciate the assistance!
Manohar Kumar 18Manohar Kumar 18
Hi, i have put my email address in the custom setting but still i am getting this error. Any help will be appreciated.
Thomas ErnstThomas Ernst
Hi, I am having the same issue. Anybody out there who can provide some help? Thanks
Juan MendezJuan Mendez
I am getting the same error, i already put the email, with system admin profile
To anyone still struggling with this, I had to add the custom setting twice. The first time it made me put in a location, the second time it didn't.

Hi All,
Same issue here.. 
@Emma_Kirkwood - Can you explain what you meant? Like others, i added the Location also with Sys admin profile. 
Still the same error . Could not authorise with Einstein Vision. Please validate your credentials.
Any help much appreciated..

Chrystian AcacioChrystian Acacio
Hi all.

I solved this issue, below the steps i did:

1. On the Setup Menu, Type Custom Settings.
User-added image

2. Click Manage on the "Einstein AI Settings" custom setting.
User-added image

3. Here is the mistake i committed ( and there is more people that probably did the same), i selected new on the wrong Button, you need to select New under the "Default Organization Level Value", not in the Custom Settings values, below an image.
User-added image

4. If you have created the new value in the wrong Button as me, you need to delete this one, and create in the correct button ( try more than one time to delete, and if you are not able to delete the "wrong value", change the value that you generated before try to delete, because probably you will have an reference error to delete the "wrong value" in a Apex Class).

User-added image

5. Once you deleted the "Wrong value" from the custom setting, Create the "Correct One", on the "Default Organization Level Value".

6. On the Einstein EMail field, put the email of your user in the Trailhead Playground that you are doing this module (the same one that you used on the "Create an Einstein Platform Account" step), pay attention, put the EMAIL ADDRESS of your user here, NOT the USER NAME. After you do that, the custom setting will stay as the image below:
User-added image

After that, you can validate the step on the Trailhead Project.
Alfonso de la Cuadra MartinezAlfonso de la Cuadra Martinez
Thanks @Chrystian Acacio, it works for me...
Joe Asprec 2Joe Asprec 2
Good catch! Thanks, @Chrystian Acacio.
Ayushi Sharma 44Ayushi Sharma 44
Hi @Chrystian Acacio, I selected New under the "Default Organization Level Value" and put Einstein EMail in field, but i am getting the same issue "Check if the authentication email address in custom settings is set"..Anybody Please help me with the issue