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Lindsey PalmquistLindsey Palmquist 

link phone numbers from account to opportunities

I need to create a new field in opportunities for the account phone number, email and other important information.  How do I write a forumula that will automatically pull this information from their account section? All relevant data should be linked together in accounts, leads, and opportunities, however nothing is currently linked.  You have to enter the information in manually in each page.  I would like them all to sync.  

This can be achieved via formula fields.

Create a Formula field named let's say Account_Phone__c =  Account.Phone
Create a Formuka field named let's say Account_Email__c = Account.Email__c

Hope this helps!
Hi Lindsey,

Go to Setup > Opportunities > Fields
New > Formula > Enter name > Return type: Let's say Text, but that depends on what you need > Advanced Formula > Insert field

Select "Account >" in the right screen and select the column you want > Insert
After that you select Field level security and page layouts

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Good luck