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Glenn Soden 9Glenn Soden 9 

Visual flow help - error REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING

I've got my flow launching and  cpatuing most info.  And it is ready to create a related record but heres where i'm spinng my wheels.

I'm grabbing the Oppty ID from the link attached to the button.  Flow starts, my screen entries are fine but the next step fails as there is a required field is missing.

My opportunity has a related record - RecordA
I'm trying to create another related record (RecordB) that is related to the Opportunity and the RecordA.
The required field error is coming from missing RecordA name that needs to populate the new RecordB being created by the flow.

I've tried creating a formula pulling the RecordA name off the Opportunity  as part of "create New RecordB" but can't seem to get that to work.   Any thoughs what I'm missing?  Thanks in advance!
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

its seems you are mapping id field  to recordA name string. try to pull id from that record and assign it. 
for Example in Apex: 

Obj.RecordA__c='RecordA name';  this step will give you the error.; it will work fine.

Hopw it will help. 
Glenn Soden 9Glenn Soden 9
I'm getting the ObjA id fine.  Its getting the related object ObjB info then adding to my new record on ObjC  -  That requires both A+B record info
Glenn Soden 9Glenn Soden 9
Some more details that may help someone point me the right direction:
I have Opportunity with related record "Project" - We then create a system that is related to the Opportunity and the Project
Upon System Creation, the Opportunity field is auto popluated with the Opportunity name and the Project on the System is a "Lookup" filtered that is entered manually.

Trying to create a flow to create teh "System" but keep getting stuck on required Project "lookup" on new "System"  Everything else works it appears but the flow errors our on this lookup field on my newly created record.

Project__c = {!GetProj} (null)

Any help is appreciated.  I've tried lookups, variables, formuals etc in flow but just not getting this one peice.  Thank you!