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Aam MAam M 

I want to transfer complete data from one org to other org using eclipse

I want to transfer complete data from one org to other org using eclipse IDE, can any one tell me full procedure to transfer because there are so many errors showing.

I downloaded one org's data by in eclipse as a project, and then i want to deploy to server(it means other org).. but it is showing so many errors.

How should i achieve this!! 
Aam MAam M
And How to transfer complete data including alll users, profiles created.. please help!
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

Follow the link below.. to migrate data from one org to another Org.. 

Steps :

Download ANT ( . Pre-requisits are JAVA
Go to the  Name --> Setup -->Develop -->Tools --> Migration Tool and download it ( A Java/ANT-based command line utility for scripted deployment of application metadata ).
After downloading Migration Tool , copy the Ant-Salesforce.jar file to apache-ant-1.8.4\lib ( Note: Always get the latest Jar file from the Org).     
    4. Two files which we would be fiddling with are
Ant/CodePkg/package.xml  --> This is where we define the classes,Objects,Components in XML format
Ant/Build.Properties --> This is where we would give Username and Password .( Note: Add the SecurityToken at the end of the password) . It also specifies the server URL. We can change this based on Sandbox or Production.
Build.Xml --> (Optional) --> This tells ANT what we are going to be doing This file is responsible for Output Folder, Input Location, etc . It is pre-configured by Salesforce.
Build.XMl --> 3 targets to look out for --> Retrieve, Deploy , Remove
     5. Download the "salesforce_migration_guide" from Salesforce to get help with the component and XML name to configure package.xml
          We can also view . In this go to Using Metadata API --> Declarative ( File Based) Metadata call --> Metadata Types

Notes for Build.XML :

Retrieve : This would be creating a retrieveMetadata  . It is going to grab all of the metadata files that we wanted to bring down from the target and put them in a RetrieveMetadata Folder
and the actual deployment package is specified in this retrieveSource/package.xml

<target name="retrieve">
      <mkdir dir="retrieveMetadata"/>
      <sf:retrieve username="${sf.username}" password="${sf.password}" serverurl="${sf.serverurl}" retrieveTarget="retrieveMetadata" unpackaged="retrieveSource/package.xml"/>

Lets look at retrieveSource/package.xml ( or Unpackaged/package.xml)
User-added image

Now based on this package.xml , we are going to download this and stick it on to the folder called as the RetrieveMetadata 

     6. We have a Source org and a Target Org.
     7. Now we are going to write a script to grab all of the information from the source org

     8. C:/Desktop/ant-demo> ant retrieve

     9.Now it creates a new folder called as the "retrieveMetaData"

Now How do we push it to the other ORG ?

     10.Go to the build properties and change the Username and password of the TARGET ORG.

Deploy:  This is going to look at the Deployroot= "retrievemetadata" and use that to push over to my TARGET ORG. (Build.XML file)

    <target name="deploy">
      <sf:deploy username="${sf.username}" password="${sf.password}" serverurl="${sf.serverurl}" deployRoot="retrieveMetadata"/>

     11.C:/Desktop/ant-demo> ant deploy

Reference from :
Hope this will help you.. 
Aam MAam M
thanks @Karthikeyan...
I want to migrate this using EClipse IDE... Please tell me the procedure... so that i can migrate full metadata including all objects & their fields layouts users profiles..