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Picklist Value Changes to Capital to Small Letter

Hi Everyone,

I have a picklist called relation If I choose the value(Step Brother) and save the record.It is displayed as stepbrother instead of Step Brother.Both label and API names are given as Step Brother.
Can you guys explain me why it is happen.

This shouldn't be happening. Do you have any other deactivated values of "stepbrother" that you had in past.

If you used to have one the values as "stepbrother" in past and now yoy have changed the picklist value as "Step Brother" then those old records won't correlate with new value. You gonna have to DELETE the old "stepbrother' value from picklist and once you hit that delete button salesforce will ask you something like "There are several records who has value as stepbrother and to which new value you would like to transfer it to." At that time you will tansfer those records as new value which is "Step Brother."

Hope this helps & if it solves the puzzle then please mark it as best answer!