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Daniel PineroDaniel Pinero 

The 'Property Listings' report does not appear to be using a scatter chart.

I am trying to complete challenge for Visualize your Business data. 

I have added the report chart as a scatter chart and the challenge is still giving me this error " The 'Property Listings' report does not appear to be using a scatter chart. 

User-added image
Jurgen MeinenJurgen Meinen
I have the same issue even though I am using a scatter chart as well.
Daniel PineroDaniel Pinero
HI Jurgen,

I have actually found a work around. There is another report I believe called Big Data. I renamed and changed the chart type to scatter, and deleted my original report. It went through. Hope this works for you as well. 
Jurgen MeinenJurgen Meinen
Thank you for the quick reply. I think I am missing something as I don't have that report. I installed the Dreamhouse app but it has no data and only some reports with another name. I did not find the instruction to install this Dreamhouse app in the project, although it might be that I did overlook something.
Dave HolfordDave Holford

Hi Jurgen,
Turns out the solution (kindly provided by Chris Duarte) after submitting feedback via TH is fpretty simple.

Appears you have to sign up for a specific type of development org to get access to it. Cannot tell the difference personally, but it works. It does mean you will probably need to redo the whole module and possibly the entire trail to provide seed data/config, but it will be worth it.

Then click the Sign up for a Lightning Now Developer Edition (DE) org. link.

Go through the motions and sure enough the DreamHouse Classic app AND the Property Listings report will be there.

Idea: Maybe consider copying the report from this org to your TH Playground to get a speedier result.

Jurgen MeinenJurgen Meinen
Hi David,

thanks for the reply. A development Org did the case combined with changing the name of the report and addind colours to the chart.
Sneha Kashyap 15Sneha Kashyap 15

I have the same issue. I tried in two different DE orgs and also TH playground, still the same. I am unable to find the report 'Property Listings' in the installed app as well. So I created one with the same name and added a chart, still no use. Please help.

Property Listings Report Missing in Installed Package

Sneha Kashyap
Mathias Jesse 6Mathias Jesse 6
Hi All,

does have anybody a solution for this #issue?

Kind regards,
Vishnu Prasad 18Vishnu Prasad 18
Hi All,

I am also not able to solve it. I have tried all possibilities. If there was any issue with the DE Org, It would have given error like 'Property Listings' not found. Please help to resolve the error.

Nicole McGuire 10Nicole McGuire 10
I created a Report called "Property Listing" with the following Groupings: Baths and Beds.  Then I added a formula field called Amount that was just the max of Assessed Value (not sure is this was really needed). 
User-added image

Then create the Scatter chart to look like this with baths as detail and beds as color:
User-added image
Once I did this, it verified.  

Vishnu Prasad 18Vishnu Prasad 18
Hi All,

I am also able to successfully passed by creating new report insteading of cloning it.

Dave HolfordDave Holford
Guys, whoever gave a thumbs down to my response - please revisit the comments. It says you need to sign up for a specific TYPE of DE org and not just another Trailhead Playground org. To repeat, Then click the Sign up for a Lightning Now Developer Edition (DE) org found at this link, (

Why Trailhead has done this, i do not know but it worked for Jurgen and I and it took just a few minutes to fix. It's really unfair to give a thumbs down for my input when it appears you may not actually be downloading the right org type.
Asdrúbal FernándezAsdrúbal Fernández
I have the same problem, in reports tab i didnt have the "property listings" report so i created it but didnt works. At finish i've done by modifying the name and the type of the chart of another report as Daniel Pinero did.
Satish Kumar 325Satish Kumar 325
I created a Report called "Property Listings" with the following Groupings: Baths and Beds.  Make sure that report name and report unique name is "Property Listings".
Ashlie Miller 8Ashlie Miller 8
Ok so here's what's missing that the module doesn't teach us.  IF the report was not created for you in the Dreamhouse package (it wasn't created for me) THEN we first have to create a new Report Type.  To create a new Report Type go to Setup > Quick Search "Report Types" > Continue > New Custom Report Type > Primary Object = Properties > Report Type Label "Property Listings" > Report Type Name "Property_Listings" > Description (Just make something up) > Store in Category (Just pick one) > Deployment Status = "Deployed" > NEXT > NEXT > SAVE 

Create a new report type steps

Here's what it looks like after you've completed the new report type setup
Complete Report Type View
After you have done those steps then go back to reports and create your new report and run it.  When creating your report don't forget to select a grouping.  If you don't create a grouping your report will not be able to be changed from a standard chart to a Scatter Chart as required.
User-added image

Ok I think you guys can take it from there. I hope this helps :)
Mahnaaz Mohammadi 2Mahnaaz Mohammadi 2
@Daniel Pinero 
I just completed the challenge for Visualize your Business data.
It is a very easy way,  just delete the old report for "Property Listings" and recreate it in lightning with Scatter Chart your will pass this challenge, just try it.
Stamen Nikolov 4Stamen Nikolov 4
@Nicole McGuire 10,

I did try this approach, but it didn`t work for me, any suggestions by anyone? I don`t have the report as many others. I created the report, i added those 2 grouping and i created this formula field as you suggested + adding the scatter chart. No go!
Stamen Nikolov 4Stamen Nikolov 4
I did create a new report type as well, following the steps from Ashlie Miller 8. No go! Salesforce, please fix your sh**s
Olivier Fize 88Olivier Fize 88
Also got this Error message : I solve it by creating a scatter report with a field in Group Rows AND a another field in Group Columns !

if you select only field on 1 group you got the error message 'not a scatter chart' even it is ;)
Michael Barnes 16Michael Barnes 16
I had the same issue.  @Ashlle Miller 8' answer didt he trick for me!
1. Delete the report
2. New Report  
3. Select Properties 
4. Add Fields Bed, Bath, ...
5. Group by Bed, Bath
6. Add Chart
7. Save as : Property Listings   and it's OK
Stamen Nikolov 4Stamen Nikolov 4
@Nicole McGuire 10,

thanks for the feedback I did follow your steps and was able to pass it. Even though my scatter chart was looking not the same way it went through.
@Nicole McGuire 10

Thanks for the given solution.Just I was change in color at scatter chat then am able to complete challenge at your solution.
Ranjan Samal 24Ranjan Samal 24
@Nicole McGuire 10 - Thanks it works
junzaimon daimonzijunzaimon daimonzi
I also got the same error.
I solved it when I did the following things.
· I took a new organization.
· I've done the next page again.
"Review the resources to help your client get ready to list their home!" Is not in bold.
Jeff A. HemmingJeff A. Hemming
Yowsers, finally sorted this based on comments from Ashlie Miller 8 and Jean Fontain - thank you both! 

Based on their comments, what I noticed was when I saved a new report the Report Unique Name field was appending "_xxx" where the xxx's where some random characters.  I removed the "_" and random characters so that the Report Unique Name was "Property_Listings".  I saved the report then went back to TH and clicked the verification button.  A few minutes later I receved an "Assessment Complete" message.

I was using the default playground created with my TrailHead id.  
Daniel ignatius Selvaraj 1Daniel ignatius Selvaraj 1
@Nicole McGuire 10 -  It really worked for me. Thanks a ton.
@Nicole McGuire 10 - Yes, that really saved the day !  Thank !