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Alex ValavanisAlex Valavanis 

Flow on attachments


We have a sub-company which basically creates all of our invoices. I've been asked to contact them as we want to add those invoices as an attachement (assuming that will be in the opportunity object). Due to the fact that these are thousands and doing it manually will be time consuming i was given the idea to create a flow. Company will expose API to our system and our system will take this input and place it accordingly.

Could you please tell how this can be achieved and where to start from?

Thank you in advance.
Hi Alex,

You can not achieve this using Flow. But idea has been posted to salesforce.

You can take a look into below links for the same.

Pawan Kumar

PS: Please let me know if it helps you.
Alex ValavanisAlex Valavanis
Thank you, but i am actually trying to find a way in which we could mass upload attachment files on the account object.
(We use an external company which creates invoices and need to add them in Salesforce.)