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Autumn Yoakum1Autumn Yoakum1 

How can I create additional available values for a sales process?

Hi all, I am trying to customize sales processes based on different profiles. I see where I can create additional sales processes but I would like to be able to set different values in the available values selection box. How would I go about doing this? 
Neo Downes 12Neo Downes 12
Hi Autumn,
You can add new values to your sales process at opportunity 'Stage' field. Its there that you define whether they are open, closed/won or closed/lost etc. I hope that helps.
George Lopera 2George Lopera 2
The additional values can be visible by creating new Opportunity Stage values:
1. From Setup, enter Object manager
2. Goto Oppurtuinty > Fields & Relationships
3. Search for Stage
4. Under the Opportunity Stages Picklist values Click New
bsanh liobsanh lio
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