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Craig SeddonCraig Seddon 

How can I stop duplicate email to case being created from the same customer?

Example is that a customer will send an email to 2 different teams at the same time as they are unsure who is best placed to answer their question.
They type in both email addresses in the TO: field in their email provider... ie test1@test.com, test2@test.com

When they send they will get 2 auto notifications with 2 different case reference numbers.

Can rules be set up to ignore all but the 1st email address in order to only create 1 case?

Otherwise, if it creates more a case for each email address, it will result in more work for everyone and confusion over who is responding etc
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
See this post: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=9060G000000BflFQAS
Neha Goel 19Neha Goel 19

You can write custom code for this using email service functionality.

Here is the sample code for this :-