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Akiko KoizumiAkiko Koizumi 

Why does my trigger populate lastmodifiedby with a different user from the running user?

Hi there,

I've encountered a problem... My trigger (before insert/update) for Account page seems to work unexpectedly and so strangely.
According to Debug log, user A fired the trigger for over 1000 account pages within a few minutes but the user A didn't access/edit the account pages. Besides, the lastmodifiedby of these account pages indicated another user, user B who never access to the pages as well.

Here is my trigger which is for populating text field "IPs_Copy__c" to judge if the rick text field  "IPs__c" is updated or not.

trigger UpdateIPsCopy on Account (before insert, before update) {
    For (Account A:Trigger.new){
        if(A.IPs__c != null) {
             A.IPs_Copy__c = A.IPs__c.left(100) ;

This strange updates had happened almost everyday in my org until the trigger was deactivated. 
Any possible scenario which causes this kind situation or any advice on what I should do to find the factor of this strange situation??   
You kind advice would be highly appreciated.
Akiko KoizumiAkiko Koizumi
My org has Rollup helper application. Can this relate this issue?? 
Check if there are any scheduled batch classes or rollup helper has scheduled funcationality. Generally scheduled classes run as the user who creates them. 
Akiko KoizumiAkiko Koizumi
Hi venkat-D, 
Many thanks for your reply!

I found several scheduled rollups running every 3 hours.
Can they fire my trigger??
Because almost all of the debug log related to the rollup helper are in a managed package, I cannot see the details.

Oddly , the user firing the trigger and  the user indicated as lastmodifiedby are not always same...they're different depends on the day.

If the rollup helper causes the issue, how can I solve the issue??