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Sri SaranuSri Saranu 

WF rule on lead Owner change - not firing . assistance pls

Hi All, 

I have a scenario,
a Lead is created with "Marketing User" owner.
then if  a lead owner is changed to anyone other than "Marketing User"  and if the MF picklist value is Raw lead, then do Field update on the picklist to  MQL.
I wrote a WF, 
when a lead is created or edited to meet subsequent crietria  ( true) ,
In formula ,
AND( OwnerId  <> "005U0000005UxG7",  ISPICKVAL( Marketing_Funnel__c , 'Raw Lead') ) then do FU on picklist to MQL.

It is not firing when lead owner is changed  with link "change lead owner". After lead owner is changed to someone else , open lead record and save. then it is checking if owner is not marketing user and if picklist is Raw lead and then Updating picklist to MQL.

I need it to update when the lead owner is changed with "change lead owner"  and hit save. what am i dping wrong?
so i edited my formula to,
AND( ISCHANGED( OwnerId ), OwnerId  <> "005U0000005UxG7",  ISPICKVAL( Marketing_Funnel__c , 'Raw Lead') )
I get "Error: Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula". Any suggestions please.

Your critera should be the second one: Every Time Created Or Edited one.

If it's not allowing you to use the ISCHANGED sunction then try to use PRIORVALUE function.

Do the comparision something like,

when PRIORVALUE(OwnerId ) != OwnerId

Hope it helps!
Mustafa JhabuawalaMustafa Jhabuawala
The picklist value check part is correct in the formula.

The owner ID check is the condition where your formula is not working as expected. As Harshil correctly suggested, try using PRIOVALUE function.