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Stephen KnilansStephen Knilans 

I have a salesforce.com developer account and can log in there, but in workbench.developerforce.com, it says the username/password is bad.  How can I get it enabled?

With me, I can't even get through the webpage in  workbench.developerforce.com, it claims my login is incorrect, though it is right.

Admittedly I am using the free account, but it is to help support customers that are paying for the full salesforce service, and my use on salesforce has been plenty light.  If this is a licensing restriction, is there something I can do to be able to use both, or am I doing anything wrong?
Daisy ScottDaisy Scott
Hi ,

There could be few reasons
  1. The "API Only User" perm has been set at the profile level, for the only Sys Admin profile in an org
  2. A Permission Set has been assigned at the User level, to the only Sys Admin user in an org.
  3. Make sure that you are login to right environment like there is sandbox or production.