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shaker shaikhshaker shaikh 

Google map should add on address field

there is a field called customer address suppose address is full field like '7828 National louisville new york 1234,  US' i need google map exit below the address field and if user click on map it should reach to address written in Address field.
 please help to get this.
Samudhraa GSamudhraa G
As far as I know, this is a default feature. If you go to Setup > Search for Maps and Location, and enable the feature it should be available for all standard address fields

"Maps and Location services uses Google Maps to display maps on standard address fields, enable creation of Visualforce maps, and helps users enter new addresses with autocomplete."

Hope this helps.
shaker shaikhshaker shaikh
unable to get Maps and Location feature in SETUP , wondering why its not appearing..?
Samudhraa GSamudhraa G
It depends on your edition. This feature is available for these editions :
Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.
shaker shaikhshaker shaikh
got it..i was trying in developer edition . thanks Samudhraa