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Amack DawgAmack Dawg 

How to subtract Field Date Values in On-Click Javascript button

Scenario: Users need to be able to insert n-number of child records to the selected Parent record where n-number is determined by the integer difference of a Ceiling on two Date fields in the record.

Challenge: How can I retrieve an integer value by subtracting the record's 2 date values in Javascript? I am not even sure the value being returned is a date value (is it a string value)?

Specific code string: 
var weekCount = Math.ceil( (crtvtracker.Creative_End_Date__c - crtvtracker.Creative_Start_Date__c) );

Code block:

//Retrieve and store the selected accounts
var CrtvTrackerIds = {!GETRECORDIDS( $ObjectType.Creative_ID__c )};

//Do a deeper query selecting required Parent fields
var CrtvTrackers = sforce.connection.retrieve("Id,Name,Creative_Start_Date__c,Creative_End_Date__c","Creative_ID__c",CrtvTrackerIds);

//Creating an array to store insertedCrtvScheds
var insertedCrtvScheds = [];

//... skipping some code checking here


        var CreativeEndDay = crtvtracker.Creative_End_Date__c.day();

        var weekCount = Math.ceil( (crtvtracker.Creative_End_Date__c - crtvtracker.Creative_Start_Date__c) );

        var schedToInsert = new sforce.SObject("Creative_Schedule__c");
        alert( crtvtracker.Creative_Start_Date__c.daysBetween(crtvtracker.Creative_End_Date__c) );

        for (weeknum = 0; weeknum < 0 ; weeknum++ ) {
        schedToInsert.Creative_ID__c = crtvtracker.Id;             
        schedToInsert.Traffic_Status_updated__c = "On";
        schedToInsert.Creative_Start_Date_updater__c = crtvtracker.Creative_Start_Date__c + (weeknum * 7);

        //Pass in the 'Creative Start Date' of the Creative ID    
        //schedToInsert.Creative_Start_Date_updater__c = crtvtracker.Creative_Start_Date__c;

How can I converte my Creative End Date and Creative Start Date fields to be date fields to achieve the mathematical operation I need?

Amack DawgAmack Dawg
Since I can't edit my post, here's the error dialog message I keep receiving:
A problem with the OnClick JavaScript for this button or link was encountered:

crtvtracker.Creative_End_Date__c.day is not a function

It's specifically referencing this line:

But I have no idea how Salesforce's Date methods work in the Javascript button environment.

How can I convert a record's Date field values into something that I can perform math operations on?

Abhilash Mishra 13Abhilash Mishra 13
i guess you need to use javascript date methods for this,

Hello Amack,

Try this one:

var day = crtvtracker.Creative_End_Date__c.getDate().toString();

I hope it helps you.


Yogesh Sharma