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Redirecting from Salesforce.com to Community without additional login for internal users

Within my Salesforce.com application, a user gets redirected to the SF organisation community when he opens a specific tab. So far the user needs to log in into the community once the browser tries to open the community url. 

I have tried to pass the parameters within the url with the SessionId, PortalId/CommunityId and the OrgId but I still got prompted to login. I constructed the link used in the Visualforce controller like:

Furthermore I tried SSO, but that also would not help as also the SF login screen would appear which I want to suppress. I used the following to set up SSO:
  • Issuer = Salesforce.org domain
  • Entity ID = Community Link
  • Service Provider Initiated Request Binding = HTTP POST
When I use the SAML Validator, I get these messages:
  • Unable to parse the response
  • Premature end of file
  • Unable to map the subject to a Salesforce.com user
I read through all resources available on the net, but they seem not to have a direct answer to my question. So I would highly appreciate some help and support - thank you in advance!
After long investigation I answer myself: Salesforce allows you to shift between Salesforce.com and Force.com via "Global Header View". This view you can enable in Profiles and Permission Sets.