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Kyle Johnson 46Kyle Johnson 46 

How do I edit the behavior of a custom 'Clone' button with product lines to exclude a field within in the product detail?

SalesForce Customer support has requested I seek assistance here, I am hoping you can help me!

I would like to exclude a custom object that we have called 'billing schedule' from our cloned opportunities with product lines.

I have followed the steps within the following links:

But I am unable to accomplish what I need, here is an example of what I have:
User-added image

And here is the Field:

User-added image

Terri T JilesTerri T Jiles
Hi Kyle,

It looks like you may need to replace {!OpportunityLineItemId} with {!Opportunity.Id}, based on what I see Clone Opportunity Line Items section of the instructions you posted.

Good luck and please let us know if that works for you.  
Kyle Johnson 46Kyle Johnson 46


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I have tried that as well, I wonder if it could be an issue with not knowing HTML ID. I have searched for the HTML ID in the inspect window. 

User-added image

I also think I need to clarify, it is not copying the schedule over but is copying the product and within the product, there is a field called Billing Schedule and in that field, it is copying over the billing schedule number. The path where the issue is happening is Opportunity>Opportunity Product> Billing schedule.  Not Opportunity>Billing Schedule. 

Let me know if that helps to clarify. Also, I appreciate your help, I was given the 'opportunity' ( a task that I have loved, but can be frustrating) after our system admin left, to tackle implementing Financial Force into our org and it is 98% done with these small issues coming up. No previous coding, development, or anything else. So, thank you!

Terri T JilesTerri T Jiles
Hi Kyle,

My apologies for the delayed response.

I think you need to change the id to CF00N3100000Fuw2I_ilecell.  In the td tag you have highlighted, it is the id parameter.

Note:  If you are working in a sandbox environment, the id for that field may change when you deploy your work to production.  You may have to update the button in production.

Good luck!