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George FraserGeorge Fraser 

What are the standard BigObjects?

Is there a list of all standard BigObjects somewhere? Or is there a way to tell through the REST API whether an object is a BigObject?

Hello George,

Please have a look into following links, these links will give you full idea about Bigobject.





I hope it helps you.


Yogesh Sharma

George FraserGeorge Fraser
None of those contains a list of standard BigObjects. That's not an answer to my question at all.
Sunit KatkarSunit Katkar
Too late to this thread, and a newbiew with Salesforce. I am looking at BigObjects and as far as I have understood, a BigObject is a replica of a standard sObject which you create and then store in salesforce itself. An example use case - suppose you have records dating back from a few years and you wish to archive them. Then you would create a BigObject out of the object you want to archive and store it separately in salesforce and delete the records from the standard object.

The only documentation I found which explained what a BigObject is in details is here 
This tells you how you can create a BigObject and then deploy it. 

Hope this helps.
Prashant Pandey07Prashant Pandey07
Standard big objects — Objects defined by Salesforce and included in Salesforce products. FieldHistoryArchive is a standard big object that stores data as part of the Field Audit Trail product.