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David FekkeDavid Fekke 

Can I use the SalesforceDroidGapActivity in a native app?

I am upgrading an older version of an Android application to use the latest version of the Salesforce SDK. It is a true hybrid because it uses Native and Hybrid components. The SDK now has two different init methods, and I am not sure which one I should be using;

Native: SalesforceSDKManager.initNative(getApplicationContext(), new com.myapp.KeyImpl(), LauncherActivity.class);
Hybrid: SalesforceHybridSDKManager.initHybrid(getApplicationContext(), new com.myapp.KeyImpl());

I need to pull up a SalesforceDroidGapActivity after the user has authenticated with the com.salesforce.androidsdk.ui.LoginActivity. How should I init my app? 
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David FekkeDavid Fekke
I was able to resolve this issue by talking to one of the engineers working on the Salesforce Mobile SDK. If you are building an Salesforce Mobile app on Android that uses both Native and Hybrid features, you want to use initHybrid.