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Thomas KorthuisThomas Korthuis 

Missing OData types from External Sources list

I have been running into walls on this one and I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?

I'm looking to connect an External OData source. I attempt to add a new source (Setup > External Data Sources > New External Source) and the only selection I have is "Simple URL". I'm missing the OData types from the drop-down that are readily available in any developer edition of SF. 

I've raised this issue with Support, and after a week of back and forth, they keep closing the case saying it's a developer issue.

Now something that I read in the documentation left me thinking that they may be right, in a way, and this may not be a support issue. There was mention of this being available "at an extra cost" for Enterprise customers (here: In reading this, I contacted Sales.  

Unfortunately, I seemed to run into another issue there, which is that Sales is not able to identify the feature I'm describing, despite sharing the language and product range names from the documentation, in detail. Three separate agents later still no luck finding a definitive answer or a step closer towards a solution. 

I'm trying not to lose hope here. There has to be some information out there on how to either A. enable the OData adapters as an option or B. purchase and apply the correct licencing. 

I'm fully accepting the possibility as well that I'm just overlooking some obvious articles or options somewhere since I've been staring at this for a while now.

Looking for anybody who has had a similar experience or who may have some guidance on how to approach getting an OData source connected. 
Ivan VrtacnikIvan Vrtacnik
What you're looking for is called Lightning Connect. I hope I was able to help you, even with 8 months delay.
Thomas KorthuisThomas Korthuis
Hi Ivan,

It's actually perfect that you reminded me to come back to this post. 

Here is what ended up happening:

It took over 10 different touch points across 4 SF departments spanning a period of nearly four months until I finally got to someone that could tell me that Lightning Connect was the product I was looking for. After some price discussion with Sales, it was clear that it would be out of the company's budget. Additionally, due to the time between the original request and the information finally being provided, l had already moved on to find a different solution. 

It's unfortunate it went this path, but I do understand. SF is huge, has many features, and many departments that work in distinct areas of expertise. This was just a perfect storm of and I fell in the gray areas of the customer journey. 

Again, thanks for bringing me back to this thread so I could close the loop on this.