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Track history fields not showing up in related list

I have a custom object in which I have selected 20 fields to track. When changing these fields, it doesn't seem to add anything to the related list on the object page.
Any idea what would cause these not to show up or are there any type of additional configuration that needs to take place so users with access to the object see all the tracked field changes?
Adam GilchristAdam Gilchrist
Are you facing this problem with all the fields or there are few out of 20. Make sure that you can't track formula, roll up summary. if this not the issue with you . you can write a trigger to track the history.
I don't think salesforce allows them to be tracked anyway.  I click on 'Set Tracking History' on the object fields page and then select them from there.  Mostly checkboxes and text fields, no formulas.