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I am trying to change the layout in Lighting but Edit page option is not coming in Lightning Org.

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Amit Singh 1Amit Singh 1
Hi Sumit,

In Lightning, you can not simply edit the page layout of any object (Standard/Custom) from the detail page.

To edit the layout in Lightning please follow the below steps:
1 - Click on the gear icon and then Click on "Setup Home" which will take you setup page.
2 - In Quick Search box type "object manager" and Click on "object manager" which will take you to the list of All Object.
3 - Select Account and find Page Layout.
4 - Edit page Layout which you want to edit.

Also, below is the link of Trailhead module for your reference:

Let me know if this resolves your query Cheers :)

Amit Singh.

Make answer as best answer if this do the trick.